Bridal Portraits in a Mansion

April 12, 2023

Why take bridal portraits?

You bought your dream dress, planned out your hair and makeup, got your nails done and are ready for the party. All of your people will gather in one place to celebrate you! You have put so much into this wedding day and planned everything perfectly. Bridal portraits give you extra time and an excuse to wear that stunning gown more than once. It gives you a dry run of the fit of your dress. It lets you get to know your photographer better. The best thing about them is that they are personalized to you and your style. They could be taken in a studio or even in a gorgeous open field. This bridal portrait session was done in a local mansion with the most beautiful character. But it gives the photographer more time to focus on you and get all of the dream shots you’ve been envisioning.

When should you do bridal portraits?

The best time to do them is when you are doing you hair and makeup trial with your stylist. That way you are all dolled up exactly how you would be on the wedding day. Professional hair and makeup make such a difference behind the camera and you will have images you will want to print for years to come. Beyond hair and makeup, coordinate bridal portraits with your seamstress.

How long does a bridal portrait session take?

Typically, bridal portraits take about an hour. I have also had brides bring all of their wedding day details to the session. That way the detail shots are out of the way prior to the wedding day and the day of is all about the people that are there to celebrate you. Some details to bring are veil, shoes, dress, his ring, her ring, stationarry, his shoes, tie, and anything else that is meaningful to you to have pictured. This saves so much time the day of the wedding!

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